database of RNA elements
regulating nuclear RNA export in mammals
About ExportAid
mRNA export process regulates transcripts nuclear export, retention or import but is not yet well understood.
ExportAid collects experimentally assessed data about different mechanisms to carry out nuclear export of mRNAs, viral transcripts and genomes in mammalian cells.
This specialized resource constitutes a repository including information on functional sequences, their genomic location, experimental data and involved export pathways.
These data may help to explain the export to cytoplasm of transcripts, as intronless genes, some long non-coding RNAs and viral genomes, that do not undergo splicing and so do not have the canonical adapters. Similarly, it may be useful to understand why some transcripts, despite undergo to splicing, are retained into nucleus.
Reference :
ExportAid: database of RNA elements regulating nuclear RNA export in mammals.
Giulietti M, Milantoni SA, Armeni T, Principato G, Piva F. Bioinformatics. 2015; 31(2):246-251. PMID: 25273107

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